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We are dedicated to studying and performing the entire Beatles core catalogue. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ recorded career we strive to faithfully re-create the original recorded arrangements of each song. We mark each 50th anniversary of a Beatles album release by performing that entire album. In addition to the full albums, our shows include many other songs from the Beatles’ entire career, combining famous hits alongside more obscure and forgotten songs. Our focus is the music. We do not dress up as the Beatles, take on characters, or use fake accents. We take the music very seriously, treating it similarly to how classical musicians treat a piece when they want the sound to be authentic. This means that we listen carefully to each vocal and instrumental part, analyze it, transcribe if necessary, and make our performances an exact as possible replica of the recordings. We are honored to perform this music and have had the privilege of playing at a variety of venues around Wisconsin, sharing our love for the Beatles with listeners of all ages and backgrounds

Two band members have also presented scholarly work at  international academic Beatles conferences in 2014 and 2017.

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How the band started… Says Aviv:

“I have always been a Beatles guy (scholar, fan, collector). One night about two years ago my beloved wife and I were watching a documentary on Netflix called “Craigslist Joe”, about a guy from LA who lived an entire month off Craigslist, travelling all over the country. Inspired by this, my wife suggested that I should “do something about the Beatles” on Craigslist. On the same night, I created an ad looking for people who are interested in the music of the Beatles and would like to meet up, talk, analyze and perhaps play. I intentionally emphasized my academic approach toward the Beatles, hoping to find other like-minded people. I received five responses. Three people decided to show up at my house and at the last minute I also invited the father of two of my Wingra students, feeling he would be a great match. On that very first meeting the general atmosphere gravitated toward starting a band. It was only too convenient that through that Craigslist ad I had in my living room a drummer, a bass player, a singer/guitarist, and another guitarist, all big Beatles fans, all wanting to play Beatles music.”